Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Articles and Special Reports by Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke has written numerous articles, reports, and features for numerous media and ministry related magazines and other publications.
We encourage you to download FREE the Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files LISTED BELOW and use them in your work. Some are taken from published articles, and some are special reports for clients and students.
All rights are reserved, and written permission must be granted for distribution or re-printing.

A TV Director Looks at a Typical Church Service
A Voice in the Entertainment Industry
An Interview with Barbara Nicolosi of Act-One Hollywood
Attending a Media Conference
Christians Making an Impact in Hollywood
Confronting Television's Vast Wasteland
Convergence, The Next Step in the Digital Age
Discover the Champion in You: Production Notes
Faith-Based Media in Russia
Ghostwriting in the Ministry
How Churches Can Make a Media Impact
How to Get the Pastor to Catch a Vision for Media
How to Videotape Your Religious Conference
Interview with Phil Cooke and Peter Sumrall
Media Production in a National Crisis
NBC Magazine Interview with Phil Cooke
Open Letter to the TV Networks
Producing Effective Christian Television Programs
Producing TV in Foreign Countries
Production Interview with Phil Cooke & Norm Mintle

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